Crypto Price Split

Currently most of the crypto prices clearly follow Bitcoin, this will not persist.

As many have noticed and commented on, the price of most alt-coins are still very much pegged to the price of Bitcoin. A short look at the graphs on trading sites such as shows how apparent this is.

This is due to many reasons but it is clear that when a price change happens to bitcoin this either pumps the rest full of confidence or sends a shockwave of fear across the alt-coin landscape. All of this is understandable when taking into account how new the technology is and how little we all understand it.

Whats coming?

At this point it is fair to say that bitcoin and a few others, will not be fading away any time soon. I believe this is why soon we will see a Crypto price split, or Crypto price divergence. This will trigger certain coins to start charting their own price paths. This will inevitably see the death of many useless alt-coins, a necessary filtering process. The coins and blockchains that offer no value will fade away.

Ethereum to the rescue

Ethereum will be the blockchain/coin ecosystem that will trigger this split.
Although other platforms such as EOS, TRON or Cardano have possible spaces within the future market, they pale in comparison to the vibrant developer and enterprise connections Ethereum has already secured. Not only having Government connections but through its enterprise alliance it is cementing itself as the go-to blockchain for those wishing to unleash DLTs potential.

This blockchain is soon to face an update which will see the release of Ethereum 2.0 (Serenity). This update will see huge improvements in; the transactions per second, massive decrease in energy consumption and much friendlier experiences for users as due to faster transactions.


I believe these connections that the Ethereum network has obtained, along with the coming boom in Dapp development with the improvements in ETH 2.0, we are likely to see Ethereum charting its own price by mid 2020. This path will be a price growth for ethereum as more and more people realise the potential behind the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the variations of dApplications that can be built on top of it.